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Gromax Laser Welding

Laser Fiber Welder

High Wall-plug Efficiency. Ultra-low amplitude noise, high stability and ultra-long pump diode lifetime. Ideal Beam Quality, small heat affected zone, less deformation Maintenance free. Single-mode Fiber Delivery

Laser Spot Welder

Welds can be applied right next to heat sensitive parts like precious gemstones, pearls or springs. Strong and invisible high-quality repairs can be achieved in a very short time. Welds with a spot diameter smaller than 0.15mm, standard is 0.2~2mm. Minimum heat in weld area. No tool wear, contact-free processing.

WF300 fiber laser welder can output 1~4 path fiber, which the function of compatible time light splitting and energy light splitting. The energy light splitting can mark 4 points most in different angle at the same time.
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