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  • No Acid-Corrosion and No Damage to Resign
  • High Surface Quality
  • Standard Weight Control
  • No Weldment
  • High Dimensional
  • Outstanding Straightness
  • Wire for Japanese Models (P series)
    Spool Type Dimension ZINC_Coated_Hard_Wire Brass_Coated_Hard_Wire ZINC_Coated_Soft_Wire Brass_Coated_Soft_Wire
    P-1R (3.3 Lbs./1.5Kg) 0.10mm (0.004 in) ZP0110 BP0110 ZP0110S BP0110S
    P-1R (3.3 Lbs./1.5Kg) 0.15mm (0.006 in) ZP0115 BP0115 ZP0115S BP0115S
    P-3R (6.6 Lbs./3.0Kg) 0.10mm (0.004 in) ZP0310 BP0310 ZP0310S BP0310S
    P-3R (6.6 Lbs./3.0Kg) 0.15mm (0.006 in) ZP0315 BP0315 ZP0315S BP0315S
    P-3R (6.6 Lbs./3.0Kg) 0.20mm (0.008 in) ZP0320 BP0320 ZP0320S BP0320S
    P-3R (6.6 Lbs./3.0Kg) 0.25mm (0.010 in) ZP0325 BP0325 ZP0325S BP0325S
    P-5R (11 Lbs./5.0Kg) 0.20mm (0.008 in) ZP0520 BP0520 ZP0520S BP0520S
    P-5R (11 Lbs./5.0Kg) 0.25mm (0.010 in) ZP0525 BP0525 ZP0525S BP0525S
    P-5R (11 Lbs./5.0Kg) 0.30mm (0.012 in) ZP0530 BP0530 ZP0530S BP0530S
    P-5R (11 Lbs./5.0Kg) 0.33mm (0.013 in) ZP0533 BP0533 ZP0533S BP0533S
    P-5 (13.2Lbs./6.0Kg) 0.20mm (0.008 in) ZP05206 BP05206 ZP05206S BP05206S
    P-5 (13.2Lbs./6.0Kg) 0.25mm (0.010 in) ZP05256 BP05256 ZP05256S BP05256S
    P-5 (13.2Lbs./6.0Kg) 0.30mm (0.012 in) ZP05306 BP05306 ZP05306S BP05306S
    P-5 (13.2Lbs./6.0Kg) 0.33mm (0.013 in) ZP05336 BP05336 ZP05336S BP05336S
    P-10 (22Lbs./10.0Kg) 0.20mm (0.008 in) ZP1020 BP1020 ZP1020S BP1020S
    P-10 (22Lbs./10.0Kg) 0.25mm (0.010 in) ZP1025 BP1025 ZP1025S BP1025S
    P-10 (22Lbs./10.0Kg) 0.30mm (0.012 in) ZP1030 BP1030 ZP1030S BP1030S
    P-10 (22Lbs./10.0Kg) 0.33mm (0.013 in) ZP1033 BP1033 ZP1033S BP1033S
    P-15 (44Lbs./20.0Kg) 0.20mm (0.008 in) ZP1520 BP1520 ZP1520S BP1520S
    P-15 (44Lbs./20.0Kg) 0.25mm (0.010 in) ZP1525 BP1525 ZP1525S BP1525S
    P-15 (44Lbs./20.0Kg) 0.30mm (0.012 in) ZP1530 BP1530 ZP1530S BP1530S
    P-15 (44Lbs./20.0Kg) 0.33mm (0.013 in) ZP1533 BP1533 ZP1533S BP1533S

    Wire for European Models (DIN series)

    Spool TypeDimensionZINC_Coated_Hard_WireBrass_Coated_Hard_WireZINC_Coated_Soft_WireBrass_Coated_Soft_Wire
    DIN125 (7.7Lbs./3.5Kg)0.10mm (0.004 in)ZD1210BD1210ZD1210SBD1210S
    DIN125 (7.7Lbs./3.5Kg)0.15mm (0.006 in)ZD1215BD1215ZD1215SBD1215S
    DIN125 (7.7Lbs./3.5Kg)0.20mm (0.008 in)ZD1220BD1220ZD1220SBD1220S
    DIN125 (7.7Lbs./3.5Kg)0.25mm (0.010 in)ZD1225BD1225ZD1225SBD1225S
    DIN160 (17.6Lbs./8.0Kg)0.20mm (0.008 in)ZD1620BD1620ZD1620SBD1620S
    DIN160 (17.6Lbs./8.0Kg)0.25mm (0.010 in)ZD1625BD1625ZD1625SBD1625S
    DIN160 (17.6Lbs./8.0Kg)0.30mm (0.012 in)ZD1630BD1630ZD1630SBD1630S
    DIN160 (17.6Lbs./8.0Kg)0.33mm (0.013 in)ZD1633BD1633ZD1633SBD1633S
    DIN200 (35.2Lbs./16Kg)0.20mm (0.008 in)ZD2020BD2020ZD2020SBD2020S
    DIN200 (35.2Lbs./16Kg)0.25mm (0.010 in)ZD2025BD2025ZD2025SBD2025S
    DIN200 (35.2Lbs./16Kg)0.30mm (0.012 in)ZD2030BD2030ZD2030SBD2030S
    DIN200 (35.2Lbs./16Kg)0.33mm (0.013 in)ZD2033BD2033ZD2033SBD2033S
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